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Make the call on a new tech-savvy phone system
With IP telephony, your voice and data networks "converge" into one, increasing efficiency and enabling your business to grow and become more flexible. We outline why and how to upgrade to IP telephony from old-fashioned PBX phone systems.
Is your company stifled by the voice-box blues?
If flexibility is a key to your business, it's time to replace your whip-and-buggy PBX technology with an IP phone system.
Voice and data combined: two-part harmony
The combination of voice and data offered by IP telephony opens up a whole new world of flexibility and mobility for today's businesses.
How voice and data travel in different packets
In the end, voice and data communications play well together when their varying requirements are met.
Meet the 'brains' behind the IPT network
Quality of Service mechanisms play favorites with your data packets to ensure that voice and data combine for a seamless whole.
Making the switch: an IPT deployment strategy
Before you convert from a PBX system to IP telephony, here are four steps to make the jump painless and profitable.