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Switch your network into high gear
Your business must be able to move quickly, and a hub-based local-area network can slow you down. Switching to switches will enable your network to grow with your business.
6 ways network hubs can hold you back
The hub stops here. See these reasons why sticking with a hub-based LAN can impede your growth.
Out with the hub, in with the switch
When it comes to kicking a small-business network into high gear, nothing performs as well as a switch.
Switch-based networks offer more than speed
Beyond the performance boost, a switch-based LAN can provide important new features. Here are three of them.
Switching over to virtual LANs
Want to create work groups without moving chairs or changing connections? Try a virtual local-area network, or VLAN.
From hubs to switches in 3 simple steps
The only thing easier than deciding on a switch-based LAN is putting one into action. Here are three key steps.